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Nvidia graphic card prob on acer Aspire 9300

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Oke i know and read and watched the youtube clip of the cooling and the Nvidia combo

But there is hope for this laptop it's a Acer Aspire 9300

Amd Turion 64 clocked at 1.61 Ghz

2 G of Ram

Nvidia Gforce Go 7600 128 MB

Windows XP Sp3

Now it has the following trouble when i enable the video card it gives a memdump (BSOD) or just stripes in different colors even in the bios it give strange letters as if i'm watching the matrix :)

When i disable the videocard i get in windows as if i have dead pixels in my screen but they are in differnt colors.

During start up i get stripes in the acer logo (cracks)

Is there a way to solve this ?

Things i treid myself already

Open the laptop and cleaned it very wel cooling and everything (geezz so many screws and nasty tricks to provent people from opening it)

Format and install XP, treid driver but durin bios strips, windows logo wierd colors in the logo, windows itself strips then black screen.

Disable videocard now i'm working on it but it's as i have dead pixels sometimes a lot sometimes non.

Any advise would be great but i fear the answer :(

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As far as i could see when i had it open the video chip is mounted on the motherboard and it use shared memory although it's called dedicated memory.

I have run memtest and the memory checked out good.

Video card is giving a directdraw error but that is not strange because i disable it.

Thx for the help though

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