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Laptop turns on, no video: Check before posting


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I apologize in advance if this is against the rules. But i was hoping to reduce threads as this is a major issue.

There are thousands of laptops which were made after 2006 which have the famous no video on the screen even though the laptop is on.

This is a result of the FDA requiring all manufacturers to switch from lead solder to lead free solder which may help the workers but causes issues for the consumer. The lead solder actually provided stronger connections, whereas with the lead free flux the solder cracks when it gets too hot.

The GPU or graphics processing unit gets very hot and due to the lack of cooling in low end laptops overheats and starts to cause solder cracks which eventually get to the point where there is a loss of connection.

This is a major issue among the dv series of hp laptops a simple dv6000 no video google search will prove that. The reason is the heatsink shares the same path as the CPU, the CPU is able to deal with the extreme heat but the GPU is not.

There are only 2 methods to fix this problem. Replace the mobo which is usually expensive and not worth it. Repair the GPU which is not something all repair shops can do.

YouTube - Laptop GPU died, blank screen, lines across the screen, no display

This tech based in London explains it very well.

Therefore to all my customers i recommend ONLY Asus and Toshiba as cooling systems are improved over the other manufacturers now they still have issues but they are a lot more reliable.

I have included a document which pretty much follows up on this.

Now you all know the reason why you were able to buy that laptop for under $400 at Walmart/ Staples.


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I apologize in advance if this is against the rules. But i was hoping to reduce threads as this is a major issue.

This isn't against the rules. It's a know issue especially with the chips from nVidia mounted to the PCB and started with the V3000 series from HP, this is why I always said that nVidia and HP is a deadly combination.
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Great, just wanted to let people know to avoid that model. As well for those that have issues, dont waste money at Best Buy or anywhere else as they do not have the proper equipment and will make you buy a new $300 board.

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