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RT7Lite - Windows Fax and Scan

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Hí, I already ask it without answer in official RT7Lite forum, then in create a specific topic for that.

I create a personalized version of Windows 7 (both x86 and\or x64) in RT7lite but Windows Fax and Scan doesn't work after windows instalation. I already try several versions of RT7 and also try in Windows 7 English and Portuguese version.

I have attached my present file here. Please someone can verify what I'm doing wrong?



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If you searched the thread you'd find out that you cant remove some app cus it will break fax & scan function.

I search in main RT7 Lite topic for that (and ask for it on topic) but I don't see nothing about that. The topic is too big (70 pages) and is very hard to search for a specific thing.

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