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Why this Diehard Win2K user finally switched to WinXP


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It's really a shame the time has come that Windows 2000 is getting useless. I got rid of my older hardware

and since I now have a Quadcore only, Windows 2000 is not an option any more.

When I got my first TFT in 2006 I had to switch to XP because the lack of Cleartype in 2k was really raping

my eyes. But I never got used to XP's look, and although you could switch to Classic Look you still had those

Teletubby icons..

Well, long story short, 2000 is the most awesome OS ever built and I will never forget those days when I

was using it. Gosh, this sounds nerdy.. Anyway, it was those days in 2001 when the internet was not something

god **** everybody used. Not yet.


You can use as many CPU cores as you want in win2k with Logical CPU Limit Break, see post #33 here.

Gdi++ (FreeType) works very well in win2k and is better than Windows XP ClearType, see post #34 here.

You can also run Windows 2000 as a virtual machine, I use Virtual Box and win2k will run in ANY hardware without requiring drivers for video, SATA, network, USB, etc.

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ClearType problem is not that simple ;)

That version of FreeType works nice but only for Latin alphabet. Chinese characters for example won't get cleartyped at all. There are "upgraded" versions made by some Japanese programmers but I tried many different ones and wasn't satisfied. Also the newest ones don't work on 2K :(

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You don't have to go to XP just to use more than 2 CPU cores.

There is no problem using W2k with multiple cores (and no patches are needed) so long as you use the right version of W2k.


W2k Server supports 4 cores out of the box.

W2k Advanced Server supports 8 cores out of the box.

The Data Center version supports up to 32 cores.


For what you already do in W2k they all work the same.

They have some extra features you probably won't use. - But, so what?


I've picked up several legal copies of Server and Advanced Server on eBay for like $25 (and less) by keeping my eyes open and being patient.


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Syclone0044 ... just a few words on my experience over the last month of deciding to leave Windows 98SE for Windows XP Pro. I was also amazed at how much faster my Thinkpad notebooks were running after the change ... I was also very happy that many of the software programs that I had on Windows 98SE were able to run on Windows XP ... it's like I'm still with 98SE in a way ... but there is no mistake in how much faster and better my Thinkpads are working with XP installed. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch sooner, about three years ago, when I bought the Thinkpads.

What brought me here today to the Windows 2000 forum is that I have an older Dell Latitude that I had fully intended to keep Windows 98SE installed on but a few days ago I decided to install Windows 2000 Pro on it instead. I have a problem/question that I will be posting shortly when I finish here. So just a few "kind words" about Windows XP that I did have not many years ago. :yes:

... I realize this is an old thread but since it sort of came back to life, I thought a few words were in order.


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