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Memory Issue With Desktop


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Hello Again:hello:

I purchased a 1GB stick of ram for my desktop and for some reason it will not work with the two 512MB sticks of ram that came with it. The two 512MB sticks work fine by themselves. The 1GB stick does too, but when I try to add all 3 in at the same time I hear 4 or 5 loud beeps when I turn the pc on and I never get to my bios screen or to my desktop. SIW says that my board can hold up to 4GB of RAM and when I was putting the memory in I see "DDR2 533 or 667" on the board below the memory slots. Can someone tell me what's wrong? CPU-Z Screenshots are attached.

post-100819-073846900 1286853287_thumb.j

post-100819-080880100 1286853293_thumb.j

post-100819-077912100 1286853458_thumb.j

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