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7 64bit compatibility issue?


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Hi Gang!

I'm attempting to take a trip down memory lane by playing an old rugby game: Rugby Challenge 2006 (ubisoft). Whenever I try and load it, well, it doesn't load at all!

I've looked on the Microsoft website to see if there are known compatibility issues with this game, but I can't seem to find any.

Can any one give me any clues on how to waste my time more effectively? :)



Sorry, I should have mentioned that I'm trying to run it on Windows 7 64 bit OS

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If its from 2006 you shouldn't have any issues with 16 bit installers I hope,

Can I assume you have you tried compatability mode ?

Have you successfully installed the game but now it wont run when you try to play it?

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Yeah i've managed to install it with no trouble at all, but when you try and run the game, it changes the resolution of the screen as if it is trying to load, but then it reverts back to normal after a few seconds and nothing else happens.

I have tried using compatibility mode (all of them!) but still no joy... highly unhelpful beast that it is!

Thanks for the advice about event viewer, I didn't think of that at all and will have a look when I get back!

Thanks for the replies :) very helpful as always!


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