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I might have found something. Apparently, at the 80% mark, the kernel decides that it wants to make certain of its memory sections pageable, including the one I'm using to hold the larger scroll buffer. That's fatal to the bootskin code because the buffer must not be pageable. I renamed the section in question from .edata to .xdata to keep the kernel from doing it. Cross your fingers...


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That was it probably. It works now :thumbup

Do you have any idea why this issue was present here and not anywhere else? Could it be hardware specific?

I think so. It looks like it only turns paging on if the memory address is not within a certain area. Maybe your hardware combo is resulting in the kernel being loaded into a different address.

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Okay, here's the acid test. This has all of the bootskin code enabled and has the scroll buffer renamed to .xdata to protect it. If this works, then over the next few days I'll make the same changes to the other three files and release a V4.


For what it's worth, v4 also adds a few more routines:





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