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Imaging ext4 and NTFS?


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A Computer with fedora13 and windows7 dual boot is needed to be imaged. The image should contain all files in both OS plus the partition table information in order to restore the whole system to its original state whenever it is needed.

Is there such a program?

Can Norton Ghost do that if linux file system was ext3?

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Basic disambiguation.

  1. Backup or file based imaging is Filesystem Dependent.
  2. Cloning or sector based imaging is Filesystem Independent.

first one is NOT "properly" an "imaging" solution.

ANY actual "cloning" or "imaging" solution (sector based) will be able to image the actual sectors, NO MATTER the filesystem used.

Obviously the "target" (i.e. where you store the image) needs to have a filesystem accessible by the actual imaging utility.

Here is a list among which you can choose:



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