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application explorer.exe errors caused by mcdonalds wayport_access?


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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic as the operating system is Windows CE 6.0, but I didn't see a more pertinent forum. I am tech support for a company that sells netbooks. A large percentage of customers call in stating that when they go to McDonalds to connect to their Wayport_Access, they get application explorer.exe errors, but when they connect to their wireless network at home they don't get any errors. In fact, these customers state once they get the error, they can restart the netbook and once it boots up, it immediately gets the error again. Then they go home, boot it up, and there's no error.

SO, my question is what is causing this? It doesn't make any sense. The netbook is recognizing an available network (wayport_access) and this seems to cause the error. Why would this trigger an application error?

Any ideas, suggestions? Much appreciated.

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If this happens to multiple users, I'd guess there is something non-standard with that network. I'd go over there with one of these netbooks and with a standard Windows computer and try to see what looks unusual.

Maybe there are updates to the WiFi software (from Microsoft or whatever software runs on these netbooks)?

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