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Is this any good?

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Well you haven't done too bad at all, the Xigmatek Pure Black case is a very nice case for the price. It has spots for extra fans plus having a black interior makes it look a lot nicer than even many $150+ cases with bare metal interiors. One thing I would do is grab a 120mm fan for the rear as it only comes with a single front 120mm fan. I wouldn't bother about having two side 120mm fans installed, it should run cool enough as is. That case is fine for when you want to upgrade later too, it will take 285mm long GPU's, and has a cutout behind the mobo for easier aftermarket CPU cooler installation.

I did notice was the mobo was pretty average, but budget Asus boards are decent so glad you were able to get one of those instead :thumbup

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Thanks zenskas for the advice on cooling :D I will buy another 120mm fan on the rear and I'm looking into buying a new CPU cooler. Probably one of these http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=18091&category_id=98&manufacturer_id=0&tid=cnps9700-nt

Coolermaster would give you a better bang for the buck, now, the model you are pointing too is outdated and replaced by Zalman CNPS10X FLEX High Performance CPU Heatsink - CNPS10X-FLEX-120.
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+1 to what puntoMX said, Coolermaster do give great value in their low end aftermarket coolers. Look in my sig, on the AMD-BOX I have a Coolermaster TX3 which is a sweet cooler for the price. Very quiet, cools much better than stock cooling, looks nice, very solid and very easy to mount.

Although if you wanted even better performance the TX3's big brother, Hyper 212+, is an amazing mid range cooler that will last through CPU upgrades. It's pretty much the same as a TX3 but uses a 120mm fan instead of a 92mm, so it's more of a standard full sized tower heatsink. I have experience with many Coolermaster coolers including the TX3, 212, 212+, N620, V8, and V10, but would say the TX3 and the 212+ are the best value. Steer clear of the V8 and V10, they are awful coolers for the price and are poorly designed.

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