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Windows 7 rolling back when previous versions are disabled!


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I am sooooo getting the sh*ts of this. I have everything under system restore disabled... no previous versions, no shadow copies... but Windows 7 will occasionally roll back changes to system-related directories. I've had files removed from my desktop and lost forever. I frequently have my start menu rolled back to an earlier version. This happens on both my home and work computers. Both are running Windows 7 x64.

In the attached picture you will see several start menu icons for Office 2007. More than two weeks ago, I uninstalled Office 2007, and installed Office 2010. The shortcuts you see were all shortcuts to Office 2010 apps. There is absolutely no reason for this rollback.

What is going on??!? I've seen very sparse discussions of this elsewhere, so it seems to be a less-common occurrence for people. Anybody who has seen this, speak up... have you found a fix/workaround for it?




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I've only seen it as a result of a not well installed machine; a machine that hangs at the shut down. So, on next startup you get that recovery function of windows, windows does a step back to a installation that was shutting down well.

I don't recall that you can disable the recovery console function as it's before Windows even starts.

Sorry for not using the right terms, it only happened once or twice on a machine that I was upgrading.

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