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Need help on creating a batch file.


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Hi All,

I have created following batch file which will read value from a text file and set a variable. But somehow it's not working, to debug, i have added several pause on the file, and found that it's automatically closing after executing FOR statement. :o

But if i execute the for statement on direct command line it's working and also it's setting the variable.

Please help me to fix this

@echo off
FOR /F "tokens=2" %a in (C:\chk.txt) do set _port=%a
::set _reg=open
if "%_port%" == "open" ( echo : True :
echo : False :

Content of the chk.txt is:

25/tcp open  smtp

After executing FOR statement directly on command prompt.

C:\>FOR /F "tokens=2" %a in (C:\chk.txt) do set _port=%a

C:\>set _port=open

C:\>echo %_port%


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...by adding a % sign to have two in front of variables:

  • %a on command line
  • %%a in batch script



Just to clear the sense of my post, the plot WITHOUT it:

  1. you have a problem
  2. you solved it, and say so WITHOUT telling HOW
  3. noone else will ever be able to benefit from the reported experience :blink:

and the plot WITH it:

  1. you have a problem
  2. you solved it
  3. HOW it was solved is posted
  4. someone else with your same problem may benefit from the reported experience :thumbup


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It appears that they received a response from elsewhere first but couldn't be bothered to update us!

Sure, that's the same link. ;)


I am extremely sorry for doing so, I was i hurry to solve the problem, and after it solved, i was busy with another problem.

So sorry again, and in future i will not do the same..


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