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Does Spybot SD Work on Win98 ?


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I've often thought that reinstalling Windows would (hopefully) solve your mysterious Spybot problem but of course that's a major step to take. The last time I reinstalled Win98 was back in 2003 and I don't recall all the specific details, but it was a lot of work especially reinstalling all the security (and other) updates/patches/hotfixes, etc. I believe I had to reinstall all of my applications too but again I can't remember. I know you can do a repair installation of WinXP but I'm not sure about Win98. I'm sure some web searches would quickly give you lots of information on your options.

I've disabled TeaTimer on all of my Spybot installations. Seems like it caused lots of problems early on without much tangible benefit.

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How about that -- Since the manual scan doesn't work on my PC, TeaTimer (and Immunization) is the only thing I'm using on Spybot now. So we have mirror images of our Spybot use.

On doing a clean install, I'm happy to say that reinstalling Win98 isn't as terrifying a thought as it was a couple of months ago.

Just last month I reinstalled 98SE on an old notebook that came with a 1.5GB (!) hard disk and 48MB (!!) of RAM. Since it was practically useless in that configuration, I decided to make it a platform for practice and learning. Now it has a 15GB HDD and 80MB of memory, the most RAM it can physically take. (I'm saving a question about that HDD for a future thread.)

Before taking the plunge I did a lot of research on the Web, and found methods for accomplishing this despite the fact that the little guy doesn't have a Windows CD or even a CD-ROM drive. I can't tell you how COOL it was to discover that there are USB drivers for DOS that you can use to copy the CAB files to a thumb drive... and then actually do it and have Windows 98 come back to life right in front of my eyes!!!

On my main Win98 PC, it would be a pain to have to reinstall all the other software, but now that I have the notebook up and running I'm going to try reinstalling its own MS Office programs, prior to doing it on the "important" computer, so that I know what to do.

But believe it or not, I'm kinda looking forward to doing all of this, to see if that does solve the Spybot issue. I wouldn't do it JUST to fix Spybot, but also out of curiosity and for the fun of it. It's sort of like tinkering with the engine on an old car, changing the spark plugs, buffing up the paint -- for the satisfaction.


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I installed the new version 2.0.3-beta1 with KernelEX 4.5.1 comp. mode WinXP SP2. But there are already some errors during the installation.If I run the setup with default/2000SP4/disabled mode an error message appears (programm requires WinNT version 5.1.2600 or later).

The Startcenter (main window) opens and FileScan, ShredFiles, SystemRepair seems to work OK. Scan for Rootkits, ManageAutostart, Antispyware & Antivirus protection, Internet protection don't. The On-Access protection cause the very high CPU usage approximate 100%. It's known from the older versions like 1.60 or 1.62 concerned to the Teatimer. I had read somewhere that some XP users had the same problem (100% cpu usage). The teatimer on my XP systems runs fine.

It is possible to update the definitions: 12.05.2011 Database size: 173390

The uninstall doesn't work.  :hello:

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Yesterday I installed Spybot S&D 1.6.2 just for fun on my PC and to my surprise it worked fine (I did not install TeaTimer or the other addon thing), I did some immunization and spyware scan and I got no errors etc. I don't know if my PC boots though now, I went to bed after scan and there's quite a few hours left until work ends ^^

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