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WinXP (x64) SP2


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I have my nLite settings "1152x864/32bit"

The driver "182.08_geforce_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe" sets stuppid - 2048x1024 and ignore my settings! :{

What is need to patch to edit logonui.exe, taskmgr.exe and other gui resources?..

I have a bug - the file is not propertly copied... in the text-mode setup.

Is it known knowlege file base of patches? Please??!

ps: all of my troubles no actual with latest my x86 nlite assembly but have in x64 :(

And i have in x64 the screen has moved to right in textmode with HIVESYS.INF my addings:

(this is not same problem for x86)



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I have noticed it's not easy to find system file mods that work on Windows XP x64.

I've been triying to find a shell32.dll mod that will give me Vista lookalike Progress Dialogs but unforchantly none of the x86 mods seem work properly for the x64 version.

The screen below is a mod i`m using on Windows XP x86 but it doesn`t work on the x64 version and I can`t seem to find one that looks exactly like this one that works on x64 version.


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it's no problem modding such dll files so it works on x64 xp or any x64 for that matter. but u can of course not just simply use the x86 variant of the files. you need to extract the data and find the insertion point for that data that is the equivalent location in the x64 file vs the x86.

I didnt understand anything of the first post tho. Then again i have fever and a headache.

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