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CPU wider than heatsink?


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I've got an AMD am2 processor and recently bought a compatible heatsink for it, but found that the base of the heatsink has a raised profile running across it which is not as wide as the cpu. It's the first time I ever saw this so I was just wondering if it's ok to use or will the cpu blow if the heatsink and paste do not cover 100% of the cpu.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have any pictures (if possible of both the CPU and the heatsink next to

each other, so we can see the difference)?

I've only seen heatsinks upto now that are larger than the CPU it belongs to,

not smaller. :unsure:

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For older processors without integrated heatspreaders (like first generation AMD Athlons), the heatsink must cover the entire chip. It's not as critical for processors that have heatspreaders, but I'd recommend a heatsink that contacts the entire spreader for the best heat transfer possible.

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Sorry for delay. Been away a few days. I took a chance and installed it anyway. No problems. When I say the heatsink was narrower, it was only a fraction narrower either side. I figured that if the cpu was AM2 and the heatsink said it was designed for AM2, then there wasn't going to be a problem. Sorry I didn't get to take a snap of it before I fitted it.

Thanks for the replies!

Best regards.

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