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  1. HI. I am trying to sync OneNote notebooks between my pc and skydrive. The notebooks were created using the web app on skydrive. They sync automatically with my Nokia Lumia 800. However, when I open a notebook in skydrive using the webapp and press the "open with OneNote" button, I get the following: 1. OneNote opens and trys to sync the notebook but I just get a red sync error symbol. 2. When I hover the mouse over the error symbol, it says "This notebook is not connected". 3. When I click the sync symbol and go to the errors tab, it says "OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on the web server (error code: 0x0000777). I've already been advised to ensure the web client starts automatically, which I've done but still no joy. I've attached a screenshot fwiw. All help appreciated.
  2. Hi. If the disk is working on another machine but won't work on this one it may be that the disk drive is at fault. If you can get your hands on a spare drive or borrow one and replace the current drive, then place the disk in the new drive and see what happens. If the disk still isn't offering a "boot from cd" option, then at least you can rule out the drive issue. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Emlyn.
  3. Hi all, It's been a while since I was here, but it's good to be back. I'm here to learn more than to comment but if I can help at all, I'll gladly help out. Emlyn.
  4. I've used this media before and never noticed this issue (will have to check it on another machine to be certain). I'm fixing (or trying to) the machine for someone else, so it's not the media used originally. Basically, you think it's down to the media? I must get my hands on another disk and try that.
  5. Hi. I've recently reinstalled xp home on a laptop but loads of admin options are missing. In particular I'm trying to bring up the xp wireless config screen. However, when I go into start button - properties - advanced, there are no options under "Start menu items"! It's completely blank. Any ideas? Thanks, Emlyn.
  6. Hi. I'm trying to get a usb modem (PC-Line PCL-56KUSBA) to work on a machine (i-media S3720) running Win7 home premium 32bit. The modem works fine on a Dell with Win7 Pro, but not on this other machine. Have latest drivers on both machines so any ideas? Btw, keep getting message "Error 678 The remote computer did not respond". Thanks.
  7. Sorry for delay. Been away a few days. I took a chance and installed it anyway. No problems. When I say the heatsink was narrower, it was only a fraction narrower either side. I figured that if the cpu was AM2 and the heatsink said it was designed for AM2, then there wasn't going to be a problem. Sorry I didn't get to take a snap of it before I fitted it. Thanks for the replies! Best regards.
  8. Hi. I've got an AMD am2 processor and recently bought a compatible heatsink for it, but found that the base of the heatsink has a raised profile running across it which is not as wide as the cpu. It's the first time I ever saw this so I was just wondering if it's ok to use or will the cpu blow if the heatsink and paste do not cover 100% of the cpu. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to install vista basic on an Acer 5315 in which I've just fitted a brand new hdd. The install goes like this... "Press any key to boot from cd" <enter> "Windows is loading files..." "Microsoft Corporation" (with moving dots) Blue / Green themed screen. ...hangs.... The install never goes beyond the blue/green Vista screen. I saw on some other sites that you should change the SATA drive from AHCP to IDE mode in the BIOS which I did, but no change. Btw, Intel Celeraon 540 cpu, 1gb of RAM and new drive is 250gb. Any idea what's up and how I get Vista basic to install? Thanks.
  10. Hi. Sorry for the delay, I've been away. Yes have tried each of the power connectors on the psu. The other thing is that the mobo / bios no longer allows the machine to go into standby mode (screen goes off but fans continue at full speed). Thanks.
  11. Hi. I've an Asrock K7 Upgrade 880 motherboard which only recognises the current hdd. There are 2 SATA connectors and so I should be able to plug in a 2nd SATA drive. However, not alone will the mobo bios not recognise a 2nd SATA drive, even if I remove the current drive and replace it with a new one, the mobo doesn't recognise it at all. Originally, I thought this was confined to SATA2 (3.0g/s) drives, but even if I replace the current drive with other SATA1 drives, they don't get picked up by the bios. Any reason for this? Thanks.
  12. Hi. Just wondering if after downloading all updates using WUD, can the updates be copied to a single folder on other computers for deployment (where XP is already installed)? I regularly need to download updates for machines which have had a destructive recovery done and I don't want to have to use Windows Update everytime, so it would be easier if I have the updates on a USB pen and was able to copy them over to the recovered machine. Is there an easy way to do this? Where do they go? Thanks.
  13. Sincere thanks to all who responded. I have since wiped that partition and reloaded XP. Problem solved. 10GB+ in the C: Partition. Regards.
  14. Explorer shows the following: C: volume size: 6.83GB available space: 1.21GB So, is reformatting and re-loading XP is the only way forward? Thanks.
  15. Ok, I ran diskpart with suggested commands. Here's what I got back... Detail Disk: Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info Volume 2 C Windows XP NTFS Partition 11 GB Healthy System Detail vol: Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt Disk 0 Online 186GB 0 B Detail part: Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info Volume 2 C Windows XP NTFS Partition 11GB Health System List vol: Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info Volume 2 C Windows XP NTFS Partition 11 GB Healthy System List disk: Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt Disk 0 Online 186GB 0B I also ran Testdisk and tried a few options but I hadn't a clue what I was doing with it. No change in reported partition size. Is there anything else I can try?
  16. Tripredacus, Thanks for pointer. Maybe this is a stupid question, but I don't recognise those commands as DOS so I don't know where / how to enter them. Also, if I run them, what should I do with the results since (presumably) they will just throw up information and not actually change anything. Thanks.
  17. Beats: I'll have a go at TestDisk and let you know what it says. Cluberti: I've never used diskaprt before, so I'll have a look at it and let you know what it says. I presume the command to run is: "detail partition"? Kind regards.
  18. Here you go. Screen Shot attached. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi. Under compmgmt.msc, disk management gives 2 different sizes for the C: partition. The upper window says it's 6.83gb (wrong) and the lower windows says it's 11.44gb which is closer to the size that gparted made it. Easeus Partition Master says the C: partition is 10.53gb and this is reasonably consistent with the 11.44gb reported in the lower compmgmt.msc window. Why does XP insist that the partition is only 6gb in size and therefore tells me it is almost full at just 5.5gb used? I've done some searching around and the suggestion is that the cluster size may be too big. Can it really account for the missing 5gb? Is there any way to reclaim the missing space or is it the norm to have 4 or 5gb get swallowed along the way? I haven't been able to find a free way of resizing clusters in ntfs, so I can't prove or disprove that theory. All help really appreciated. Regards.
  20. Hi. I've a conceptronic c300ru wireless adapter connected to a pc with XP, but the adapter is behaving oddly. The drivers have been installed from the CD but the response from the system tray utility is odd. The utility sometimes shows up in the system tray and when I try to connect to the wireless router (also conceptronic) the utility attempts to connect, but then quits. I tried getting XP to handle wireless connections but its success is sporadic at best. Sometimes XP makes the connection (manually) and sometimes it refuses to connect. The only answer in such circumstances is to restart XP and attempt a fresh manual connection. Any ideas?
  21. That's brilliant advice. Thanks a million. I'm going to pick up a spare Equium, and poke around with the existing screen to see what happens. Thanks again!
  22. Jaclaz, Makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, my hardware knowledge is only mid-range and I wouldn't have a clue what to be attempting to glue to what. I'd be just about comfortable replacing the screen, but attempting DIY repairs seems somewhat out of my league.
  23. Thanks for the pointer, but I'm not clear on if I'll need to use glue when replacing the lcd, or if the glue is part of the internal make-up of the lcd screen itself. So I'm thinking that if I buy a replacement lcd screen, I just remove the existing one, and screw in / connect up the new one. No glue needed. Is that right?
  24. Thanks. So I gotta replace the LCD, right? I've been looking high and low for a disassembly guide for the laptop, but can't find one anywhere. Any suggestions on where to learn to replace the LCD? Also, do I need special glue if I'm to replace the lcd? I haven't seen any online guides for replacing lcd's mention glue? Do you think this is something someone with a mid-level hardware knowledge could undertake to replace, or should I steer clear? (It's a Toshiba Equium L20-197, Part # PSL 2ZE.) I'd really appreciate a few pointers. Thanks again.

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