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JPEGs for desktop background


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This is purely a cosmetic issue I would like to learn about.

When I choose JPEG files for desktop background from a location different then My Pictures and then delete the JPEG, the entry stays in the window where you choose the background (see attachment for example).

At the same time, the "My Pictures" folder seems to be indexed or cached, so when I open the window I see lots of photos that I myself have never put there, nor was ever planning to use (e.g. pictures from my digital camera).

What I would like to know is where and how these are files indexed, so I can clear the obsolete entries and reduce the list to pictures I'm actually using.

Thank you in advance



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I actually searched all over the registry for the file names, but none of them come up, which drew me to the conclusion that caching of these files does not occur in the registry. Or... it happens with binary of hex codes.

Edit: glad I got an answer; I was ready to ask for the topic to be closed.

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Resurrection indeed. I did some experiments that included RegShot and I believe they are found here


If anyone is interested, could you please confirm?


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