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Which one is better Nokia 5230 or Nokia 6303?


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Hello ,

I am looking forward to purchase new mobset for me but I am confused whether I go for touchscreen phone or normal phone since Nokia 5230 contain all the features but it seems to be look like that it contains many drawbacks too like we are not able to use flash here although it doesn't support many extension like .avi when it comes to music Now when I saw Nokia 6303 classic which is very cheap in price too although it contains all the features except 3G But what I say 3G is currently not fully utilized in India so what you think give me your opinions I know only MSFN can help me .

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Well, this is a technology forum, but mainly focused on Microsoft software (hence the name). A couple of hints: in the future please don't post in bold characters and take some time to read our rules. On to your dilemma: I've used the 5230 for a couple of days, was unhappy with it, moved onto HTC. The 6303 seems OK for what you want / need and that's what it comes down to (apart from taste / bragging, etc ;) ). If I were you, I'd go for the cheaper 6303 as it's based on the 6300 platform (I've used the 6300 for over a year, was extremely happy with it). Hope this hepls you.


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