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Multi Boot From USB


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Hi Dear ,

i Searched many here and google but cant find some thing good

i have This Question , Is it possible to make Installation Multi Operating System on the ONE USB Flash ?!

if Yes would you please tell to me how could i do it .

Thanks Mates .

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Sure it is possible. :)

I wonder what you were searching for. :unsure:

There is NOT a "one-size-fits-all" solution.

You need to specify WHICH Operating Systems are you wishing to boot from the USB device, and anyway find your own way, take your decisions, do your own experiments.

A very versatile bootmanager is grub4dos, and another one is syslinux.

Check here:




If you want to boot the SETUP (or install routine) of windows from USB, check here:


Without additional information I cannot give you any "specific" link/advice.


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So thanks for Fast answering dude :)

i want install Windows XP Pro x86 (iso) , Windows 7 x86 (iso) , and Hiren Boot CD

i used Grub4Dos and copy and Paste Below Text on my menu.lst

timeout 60

default 0

title --------------------


title Windows XP Sp3

find --set-root /winxp.iso

map /winxp.iso (hd32)

map --hook

root (hd32)

chainloader (hd32)

But after Boot , i saw Press any key to boot From CD ... ( i mean it correctly booted from USB ) And when windwos XP Setup wont start i saw Error Blue Screen :(

Thanks Mate .

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.iso mapping won't work for NT based OS unless a Ramdisk driver of some kind is used.

Read here why:



For the XP .iso read here:



No support for Hiren's as it is WAREZ. :ph34r:


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This is an interesting question that I'm considering to add into my multi-boot guide, as CDs and DVDs become more and more obsolete. Come to think of it, I don't use a CD or DVD in months as my pen is with me at all times :) That's it, count with USB support for the next update on the multi-boot guide ;)

Anyway, take a look at this little something something: Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

Hope you like it ;)


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