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Newbie VIA SATA driver slipstream dilemma

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Hi :hello: ;

I am new in this forum and not a techy. I try to learn more from forums like this and interface with more learned people like you guys. I need some assistance to slipstream a sata controller driver to a custom windows installtion cd but I cannot determine what file or folder in the driver archive I downloaded from my mobo manufacturer. My mobo is an old ECS KT600a with an Athlon XP 2000 and I have downloaded the SATA driver from the ECS website which is via_43g.zip.

I have a 320gb WD hdd SATAII which I will lock to SATA1 speed via a jumper also according to WD guidelines.

I use nLite for slipstreaming and when I am to select the driver I am confused as to what will I select. My OS is WinXP SP3. What will I select so I will have the right driver to install? :wacko: The zip archive shows:(Please see images attached)

via_43g > drvdisk > VISTA

> X64

> X86


x86 > NT4 >

> NT5 >

What will I select from the x86 folder? (it is x86 folder isn't it for 32bit system Wiindows XP SP3..correct?) :unsure:

Is it NT4 or NT5? :unsure:

I understand that in nLite you can select a folder or a specific file. Which of the two is the most correct to use?

If I can select a folder can NT4 or NT5(whichever is correct) be sufficient? :unsure:


do I need to select a specific .inf OR .sys file? :unsure:

My plan is to clone the existing old hdd-ide to the new sata drive. For that I will be using Acronis True Image Home 11 (in clone disk>automatic mode).

I just need to format the new drive with the CORRECT SATA driver (before performing the ATI cloning) and I am at a loss as to what will I be selecting in nLite. I previously did a slipstream using the motherboard cd-driver SATA folder contents but when I was done it did not recognize the new drive. The reason I downloaded the new driver from ECS website.

Can you guide me on this one please. The ECS website doesnt have a forum for technical suppor but only via a support ticket and up to now there is no reply.

Help please.

Thank you very much.



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Hello guys;

Additional help please.....

I earlier managed to get an OS installer with a similar driver slipstreamed in it. I have managed to format the new hdd (SATAII WD 320gb) with Windows XP SP3 and have performed a cloning from the old IDE. I am noticing that I have a BSOD with a Page Fault in a Non Page Fault Area STOP (0x0000050) something....I also noticed that the LED indicator lamp in the CPU is blinking unlike the previous setup. It was not like that before I remeber. It seems like a pulsating effect even when the pc is not in use. Seems that the CPU is busy or something...

The VIA driver in the OS installer I borrowed is not the same as the one I have downloaded from the ECS website though. The viamraid.sys properties indicates that it is 5.1.6000.561 while in the one I have downloaded from the ECS website is (x86 folder NT5 viamraid.sys 5.1.2600.542).

Are the symptoms or observations that I am having a result of an incompatible driver?

Well, the new SATAII drive was recognized by the driver (viamraid.sys 5.1.6000.561)....Is the driver in the OS installer I borrowed not compatible for the KT600a mobo I have?

If so, how can I replace it with the correct one? How may I do that? I mean how may I do that without formatting the drive again. ( I cloned it from my old IDE which I found to be with errors..short of failing ).

What can I further do to make it workout?

I'm really don't know much about all of this. I only try to read and ask for tips and ideas of what I may do to make things workout for me most of the time.

I'd really appreciate the help and assistance on this problem of mine.


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Hi urie :hello: ;

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I will. I'll check the link. Also, I will be making a BartPE CD for image mounting purposes is there a way I can integrate the drivers in the BartPE CD? Or shall I use the custom installation disc that I will make via nLite?

Thanks dude! :hello:

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