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Announcing FIXWRAP

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FixWrap.sys, a free bugfix I made for MS-DOS is available.

Thanks to MDGx for hosting the download on his site !

Essential DOS Power Toys - Wrapper + FIXWrap

Or, from the same site,

Direct file URL :FIXWRAP.ZIP

File details : Size = 3,812 bytes

MD5 check = A304C56B2E55741A5CC6656761F370B4

What is FIXWRAP ? A bug fix designed for MS-DOS 7, 7.1, 8 (the DOSes

that MS Win 9x/ME runs over). It restores the ability for DOS "terminate and

stay resident" TSR programs to be launched at DEVICE=... time,

from CONFIG.SYS. In particular FIXWRAP allows a user to launch TSRs

using Phil Gardner's WRAPPER.SYS (shareware, free to try).

Without my fix, Wrapper.sys, or similar devices, *will* crash the system in no time,

a consequence of a bug introduced by Microsoft with DOS 7.0 and never corrected.

Note : The fix is not needed on MS-DOS versions prior to 7 as well as non-MS DOSes.

Express instructions : edit CONFIG.SYS, "sandwich" any DEVICE=... lines between



DEVICE=path/to/FIXWRAP.SYS ON ; 1st line...

DEVICE=path/to/WRAPPER.SYS MY_TSR.EXE ; some TSR launched with WRAPPER


DEVICE=path/to/FIXWRAP.SYS OFF ; last device line


Reboot... Enjoy !

Edited by Ninho

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Great news, Ninho! You rock! :thumbup

You're welcome !

BTW, people who are interested in the technical details - of the bug and my fix - can watch a number of threads

on the "DOS ain't dead" forums at www.bttr-software.de/ - where I attempted an open development, sort of.

Look for the threads with FIXWRAP or HACKWRAP - older fix attempt - in their titles, for instance :


No need to read all that stuff for just using FixWrap, of course ;=)

Edited by Ninho

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...


* WRAPPER.SYS v1.0 16-bit DOS TSR for MS-DOS 5/6/7/8 + Windows 3.1x/9x/ME loads almost ANY DOS program/TSR as DEVICE(HIGH) from CONFIG.SYS [17 KB, no nag shareware]:


Useful for saving low DOS RAM (upper memory manager required in CONFIG.SYS).

Example (generic):


BUG: WRAPPER.SYS may lock up your computer if using Windows 95/98/ME!

FIX: Get FIXWRAP.SYS for MS-DOS 7/8 + Windows 9x/ME:


FIXWRAP.SYS 1.0 [4 KB, free]:


How to use FIXWRAP.SYS:

Add this as the first line to your CONFIG.SYS file (example):


Then add this as the last line to your CONFIG.SYS file (example):


Reboot for the changes to take effect.

FIXWRAP.SYS Technical details:





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