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how to install win 7 on sony


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i have a laptop sony vaio vgn-nw31m

it was originally shipped with windows vista with a single partition. i then managed it to break upto 3 partition resulting the corruption of recovery partition.i was runnig vista for a year and now i want to install windows 7.

while trying to install windows 7, it gives the message, HDD not found.

how will i manage to install the windows 7 in this case.

Please note: i dont have ext-floppy drive nor internal

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You can use a CD or thumbdrive to load the drivers for your hard drive controller. Check on the manufacturers site for the drivers.

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is there a way to backup and restore the version of windows 7 similar as windows vista as ABR do.

i have a new sony vaio laptop with windows 7 home premium with recovery partition.

if i know to backup and restore its activation, i will do a clean installation of windows 7 same version and will resotre the activation

how to know the serial number used in the OS

as i have heard the serial number used in the OS is different then its on the stiker on the back.

can i install any OEM version of same OS and activate online it with key it provided. ?

i have downloaded same version of windows 7 from internet.

can i use the key that has been attached on the back of the laptop. ? will it get activated or theres some other fact behind ?

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Actually, text-mode setup like the one used in XP and 2003 was first seen with NT 3.1, which places it's public appearance back to July 27, 1993. As to the OP, I would suggest copying the Windows 7 media onto a USB key (4GB or larger) formatted for FAT32 or NTFS (NTFS is preferable), and that is made bootable via the bootsect.exe tool. Microsoft makes a tool that can do all of the USB key fiddling for you, here.

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i have preinstalled win 7 home premium

i checked the key with mjkb and what i am surprised is the key used

the key was totally different with the key attached with my laptop stiker

if i need to reinstall windows 7 oem i downloaded from internet which key will work ?

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will it work for OEM version also ? heard that it only works for retail

This works fine on my OEM which is what that Token Restore program does besides get your key, you should have that available.

You can copy your DVD sources to a Folder on hard drive and replace 2 files and when you re-install your auto activated.

You use Dism to mount your target image and replace this. You need a valid key which you can use Dism to insert the key into your image also.

Mount your image and take ownership of 2 files and replace from files on your activated system


Replace with C:\Windows\System32\spp\tokens\pkeyconfig\pkeyconfig.xrm-ms


Replace with C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\tokens.dat

Dell won't update my bios to slc 2.1 which auto activates so this is a legitimate way to restore my activation.

If you don't want to do all that then get the PayMyRent's program that was mentioned.

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You use Dism to mount your target image and replace this. You need a valid key.

where to get that key

i used mjkb software to find the key, but it showed be different key other than the stiker one.

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