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How to get the cause of high CPU usage by DPC / Interrupt

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try a better/faster card


Thanks a ton for deciphering the cause. Really frustrating. I find it almost unbelievable that MS ships a product that can't use it as, to quote PassMark, "The low to mid range chart typically contains video cards that are a couple of years old and includes . . . better performing Integrated Display Adapters from Intel, Asus and other manufacturers."


Anyway PassMark gives the GeForce 210 a score of 184 which is half way down the chart. How much faster do I need to go?



PS. Found this thread with similar issues to mine and which I see you contributed to. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/6884366d-6759-4ab9-89c5-fd6af8008b28/dwmexe-starts-consuming-lots-of-cpu-when-machine-is-idle?forum=w8itproperf

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the other topic was a different issue. Try different nVIDIA drivers (also older ones, which where optimized more for so old cards).

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I must be stupid because I can't find a version of Windows Performance Toolkit to download for Windows 7. There's a page for Windows 7 downloads on the microsoft site:




but when I click on Windows Performance Analysis Tools:




It says that it only ' Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1'

Any tips?
edit: Never mind, apparently it works on Windows 7 too. It doesn't have as many graphical features as the OP listed but it still works. Microsoft should really update the page for the toolkit so other idiots like me don't get confused
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I've fixed this now. Quite separately I had a problem with low (less than 500k) network throughput. After having tried various remedies I found that setting my card from 'Auto' to '100M full duplex' solved the problem. Since then I've also had no further problems with dwm and high cpu / dpc.

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Hello guys. I have trouble with DPC latency and mouse inputlag-feel like.

Here is my Latencymon :



What did i try : 
what i have done to try fix :
- followed "performance tweaks" tut from guru3d
- fresh install windows 7 and diffrent drivers
- using additional software what is forcing up raw_input instead of using from game
- i change GPU and soundcard to MSI-mode 
- disable HPET in windows
- change USB ports
- disable everything in bios (unused ports etc and energy saving things)
- disable overclocking
- enable IRQ control by windows (in bios)
- change ram (from a-data 2x2gb 1.65v to crucial 1x8gb 1.5v)
- reseating CPU
- In the meantime i change GPU from gtx460 to gtx660. Ofc i did clean install with DDU
- i did use resolution timer
- changed HDD from intel to Jmicron controller
- i have full performance in nvidia drivers and windows
- my computer its not overhearting (gpu max 60C,cpu max 65,motherboard 45-50C)
- i borrowed PSU thermaltake SE 530W for testing
- i did change LOD settings in mouse
- diffrent voltage amplitude in bios
- unplug xi-fi music
- disable integrated sound card and ethernet

- i changed motherboard from Asus P7P55D to intel PD55KG

- i replaced CPU to another one xeon x3430 


Propably i missed half of things that i did, but i dont remeber everything. It was just too much 


what i see : 

- in lower resolutions like 1280x1024 its not so much noticeable,but still
- low FPS in smoke's in CSGO, flame and sometimes when flash blinds me (like 100fps. Normal is 250-400fps in everything else)
- unstable pooling rate when playing catched in mouse movement recorder



MY current spec is : 

xeon x3430 @ 3.6ghz 1.29v (was holding intelburntest and prime95 in 1.305v without any problems)

Intel PD55KG 200bclk
1x8gb crucial ballistix 1600mhz cl9 2t
Creative Xi-Fi music + pax drivers + integrated soundcard 
Genius Imperator
Zowie FK1 + a4tech x7-700mp
Acer G245HQ @ 75hz fhd
speakers Genius sp-hf1800a
microphone natec snake black
W10 64bit last build - at 8.1 and 7 same issue



help :/

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Hi Andre, luckily founded your guide, this is driving me nuts, please help me  :crazy:

One of my cores is always at 80%, dunno why, tried to diagnose by myself but Im running 8.1 and not sure which graph is the one.

Im up to date with drivers from AMD (GPU, and this one), still getting drops on almost everything (gaming, movies, youtube). 3 DPC's attached just in case.


Let me know if something's wrong with the link/file


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System (ntoskrnl.exe) process usage high CPU on my PC
i capture highCPUUsage.etl and latency.etl and after compress file, upload it on dropbox
please tell me what is problem
thank you
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Dear Andre,


I appreciate the guide and I followed it to the letter. However, I honestly have a very little idea as to what most of the data in the text documents actually means. I have attached two documents and am hoping you can help me out.


Thank you for your time!





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From your dpc.txt, the ones on high end are relating to these:

- networking

- usb

- hard drive

- McAfee

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Hello Andre,


Is this thread still going?


I am having the similar issue. Random "system" cpu ramp ups to 10-20% of my Core i7 920 system. 

I have attached a trace though I don't know how this trace really works. I don't know if it is valuable because I am not sure if it was running while I was lagging. Let me know what you think thanks!


Trace: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66927202/DPC_Interrupt.zip



EDIT: I have posted a second trace which I assume has data from when it was lagging here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66927202/DPC_Interrupt2.zip

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