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Trace Windows 7 boot/shutdown/hibernate/standby/resume issues


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Hi Magic Andre,

Thanks for your help so far. Following your instructions and I am noticing that WinLogonInit, specifically Profiles taking a long time. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to load the WinLogonInit Time through the etl file so I can trouble shoot this. I can send you logs if you'd like, but I'd prefer to learn how to do this, instead of immediately going to you for the solution.



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I've been having a problem with a super slow shutdown, and I've checked through the logs and cannot find any issues except for the

<interval name="NtShutdownSystem" startTime="42212" endTime="163596" duration="121383"/>


<interval name="IoShutdownSystem" startTime="42850" endTime="162971" duration="120121"/>


Attached is the file for the xbootmgr trace. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


The new shutdown summary is named "summary_Shutdown"

the old shutdown trace is just named "shutdown_info" if you'd like to compare.

Thanks again.


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Due to my laptop taking up to 6 minutes to boot, I decided to debug it. I came across this thread and just made a boot trace and took a look at it, and I found that the "WSearch Start" service is taking an extremely long time to load. Is there any fix to this issue? I believe that disabling the service would effectively cripple my system's searching speed.

Here is the boot trace if you require it: http://sdrv.ms/13DupGB

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