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Trace Windows 7 boot/shutdown/hibernate/standby/resume issues

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I found that link shortly after posting the trace, and did the optimization, I did it again for good measure. Here is the new trace, it does not look as though much has improved.

but it is!

I can now see, that you have 2 hanging services:

AudiEndpointMapper and TermService.

So update the Via sound drivers, please.

Next, the automatisc startup all the applications causes the slowdown. The trace was not able to capture all data, so remove all unneeded startup tools. use AutoRuns to disable them.


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Removed AVG. This trace was without any AV installed. I then installed the Microsoft product you recommended.

The trace without any AV still had the same issue of taking 30 minutes to boot. So perhaps my thoughts on the 30-15 min hibernation is wrong. Or my niece/nephew moved the mouse about 14 minutes into it. It is just a black screen with the white mouse than can move around.

This seems directly linked to hibernation as it works immediately after hibernating and back on?


same password as before.


The ssdpsrv.dll (SSDP Service ) now uses most of your CPU time and causes a delay and a huge HDD IO activity in the WinLogOnInit Phase. Do you use devices which depends on SSDP or UPnP?

Hmmm I am not familiar with it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Service_Discovery_Protocol

Just used for internet really. They do have a Sansa CLip mp3 player, same on I use on my home pc with identical OS.

Also they just got a ipod nano last weekend.

It is a newer western digital blue drive 640GB...

What should I try next?

The PC boots fine in safe mode.

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I'm having problems with hibernate, resuming from it is sloooow. After I wake the computer up to resume, it gives the message that Windows is resuming, after that I get a blinking dos-cursor, which stays on for a couple of minutes, during of which the pc does nothing. After that it resumes back to windows desktop. I've got the newest graphics, chipset, soundcard and bios drivers. The mobo is ASRock M3A790GXH/128M. I traced the procedure according to your instructions and here's the file if you've got the time to take a peek :)


Password via pm. Thanks!

E: Couldn't send you any pm, just got a message telling you can't receive any more. Any other way to send you the password, email perhaps?

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Ok, the cause is the resume of the devices:

- <device start="714224072" duration="118183136" name="ACPI_HAL\PNP0C08\0">
<driver start="714224076" duration="118183128" name="\Driver\ACPI" />
<driver start="832407205" duration="1" name="\Driver\ACPI_HAL" />

in your case the ACPI device. Have you install the latest ATI/AMD drivers for your mainboard?

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I recently installed the newest northbridge driver from ASRock's website. Tried to browse AMD's site for chipset drivers but it seems it's best to use the ones from the manufacturer. idk..probably an updated acpi driver could solve the problem.

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Just to make sure, is the xbootmgr -trace hibernate -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP -command supposed to hibernate AND reboot the computer by itself? Because that's the way I understood it. I let it be for 30 mins or so and when it hadn't woken up by then, I turned it on myself. The resuming from hibernate to desktop then took about 3-4 mins.

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I've recently reinstalled Windows 7 and it's taking a long time to shutdown.

I've ran a trace and here is where the file is available and the file passworld is


My link

It someone could look at this I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks. Charlie

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