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Alt Tab Disabler

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. Well, I was bored, and when I game, I sometimes bump the windows button, or I press alt tab (chat is bound to alt, and score to tab). I got tired of doing those things, so, I made the Disabler. This will disable Alt tab and the windows button. You can do it by right clicking on the icon in the tray or by pressing a set hotkey.

Ctrl+F10 To disable Alt Tab and the Windows Key.

Download - TrafficShare


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Hey this is cool man! Very good for a hardcore gamer who doesn't want any possibility of screwing up mid game or just for anyone who does sometimes push the windows key or alt-tab accidentally. Good work :thumbup

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Wow, I wrote what I updated but it didn't show weird.

I made it more stable, I bound both alt tab and the windows button to the same key now so it doesn't mess up anything.

Next will be an autostarter (start with windows).

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Hey, thanks for this application. Will be very helpful when I'm playing Team Fortress 2. Sometimes, I hit Alt+Tab during a game and have to Alt+Tab back into to it. Sometimes, this causes graphical lag and usually the way to fix it is to restart the game or worse, restart the pc. Anyways, thanks for the app.

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