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Replacing Parents PC


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It is grossly overpowered for a firewall, I have a Pentium MMX 233 with 64MB RAM already running IPCop.

Sometime I should really replace the Realtek 8029AS though but I don't need to that yet.

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I was never thinking about chucking it out afterwards I only chuck out stuff that doesn't work. Not so sure about pre 21st century games on that I remember playing UT99 on that ages ago when it had 98SE and 128MB RAM and it was a bit slow at the start although I did play it over the network but I've always felt that i810 is a bit low in performance.

Think the suggestion was to give it to someone else.

Yeah I didn't think you were about to chuck it out or anything judging by your avatar :yes:

Don't worry, I still got plenty old PC stuff too B)

I reckon it would handle UT99. Depending on the GPU. I have a GF4 MX440 in my P3 so UT goes really good. Plays HL1 good too and all its mods/expansions.

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Yeah I have quite a lot of old PC stuff, if it had a decent GPU it would run UT good well as long as it wasn't UT with UTRP High-End Textures,

I managed to make UTs framerate too low on a 7300LE with those textures and the high opengl settings like Antialiasing.

I remember using a P3 866 with 320MB PC133, GF4MX 420 PCI and playing Farcry, UT2004 and AOE3 with it although UT99 and AOE2 are both better but you have to play them to know that. Pitty that mobo died on me oh well I got another one that I use that CPU and GPU in.

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