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Firefox vs IE8 on Win7 x64


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As the topic title and description says, I upgraded my OS from Windows Vista 32-bit, to Windows 7 64-bit. Both were the Ultimate versions.

My computer only has 2 GBs of RAM. I eventually plan on upgrading it to 4 GB, which is really more than enough for probably the next year or so.

Anyway, am I going nuts, or am I noticing that IE8 on Windows 7 performs much nicer than IE7 on Windows Vista? It seems, at times, faster than Firefox on Windows 7. Firefox isn't a 32-bit browser, yet as far as I know, but they're releasing Minefield soon, which is. I just tested the 64-bit IE8 on Yahoo's website and it seems to run faster than Firefox. Unfortunately, there's no Adobe Flash player for a 64-bit OS yet so I couldn't test all sites.

Is anyone else experiencing this, that IE8 is faster than Firefox in Windows 7? Supposedly, Minefield is going to blow everyone else away, when it comes out.

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That's interesting. IE8 x64 on my laptop is slower than FF3.5 at all times. However, IE8 is far faster than IE7, as you said. :thumbup

Welcome to the second browser wars, speed is everything these days. :hello:

I don't suppose it might be due to addons you have installed? Compare again with all addons disabled and see how it runs.

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I run firefox and nothing else! the new version they released works well with windows 7.. it is a 32 bit app and i am running a x64 win 7 install.. but rite now thats really the only option... x64 bit support all around in a browser is still requiring some time.

as far as speed the fastest browser i have found to be effective in windows 7 is Google Chrome

I have found firefox faster than IE on windows 7

I still choose firefox as my browser.. because it is just a solid browser.. not to mention the add on's that keep me a a firefox fan...

when i install firefox on a fresh install the first thing i do is goto the add on page and install AddBlockPlus, NoScript, and DownloadHelper (for grabbin vid's from youtubeish sites)

the first 2 add-on's when put to gather make a very secure browsing environment

and I just love AdBlockPlus.. say there is an advertisement or picuture or frame that annoys you on your fav site you can have adblockplus remove it... not just display it.. but display the page itself as if it were never there...

Firefox all the way...

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Unfortunately, there's no Adobe Flash player for a 64-bit OS yet so I couldn't test all sites.

I used secunia psi and it downloaded adobe flash player for my win7 x64 install.

On above, and related to it as well.....

Unless you specifically run the x64 version of Internet Explorer (there is a separate shortcut/exe) in x64 Vista/7, you are running a 32 bit version of Internet Explorer... The two x64 oses are still not configured to run the x64 iexplore.exe by default..

I imagine this is because of the lack of 64 bit plugins (such as Adobe Flash Player) for it.. So, the more correct saying would be "there's no Adobe Flash player for a 64-bit browser yet". Once a 64 bit plugin is available, I suspect you will be able to isntall both the 32 bit and 64 bit plugin (one for each version of the browser).

I really have seen very little difference in browser speed from 32 bit to 64 bit version (of a given app)..

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Supposedly Adobe is going to release an x64 native version of Flash in some as-yet-to-be determined version *after* 10.1, but the wording is still vague enough that one has to wonder if they'll ever get around to it. I've used the x64 plugin they have for Linux browsers, and while it works most of the time it's still not anywhere near stable (they call it beta, but it's far more of an alpha version). And to agree with the previous post, unless you actually go out of your way to run the x64 version of IE, you're still running a 32bit version of IE (and you are downloading the 32bit version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari by default when you visit the download pages for those browsers as well, even on a 64bit version of Windows). Until enough plugins are native 64bit, expect the 32bit browser continue to be the default on a 64bit OS.

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