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Overclocking my desktop, Is is possible and how?


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No, the point is there are plenty of HD 4670 cards for over $80, not everyone is gonna go out and buy the very cheapest card of its class

Well, if you take it like that, then perhaps your $100 9600GT card is faster than the $60 card I picked. Or the $60 card I picked is much faster than some $80 9500GT's. See? It works both ways...

no need to try and joke about it

Yes, we wouldn't want people to have a sense of humor around here. Jokes are bad.

If their drivers suck so bad, then where is all the people complaining about it on this forum?

It's not like most people register to complain about drivers (for any hardware). I've seen plenty of people asking about BSODs, which we found out later were caused by nvidia drivers. These issues are fairly well documented (again, there were even blog posts from people like Mark Russinovich depicting them)

Do you even have an NVIDIA card in any of your PC's?

I gave my last one away 2 months ago. So nope, not anymore! :thumbup All my endless video issues are now solved :) No more of this error:


no more of this one either:


and H.264 decoding now works in hardware too as a bonus! Couldn't be happier. Thanks to nvidia for selling me an ATI card.

Also you are forced to install .net 2.0 with ATI's drivers

First, you don't, unless you're running an OS that's from 2001 or before. And second, you still don't if you only want the drivers. Not that I even see this as a "bad" thing in the first place. If that's your biggest complaint, then it's not saying much.

Since NVIDIA cards fail so much then why do people still use them?

You're assuming most people whose computer fail because of this even have a clue about the cause. 99% of people who got G84/G86 issues will return their computer to be fixed under warranty. Either ways, it looks like you're trying to deny issues to which several large OEMs like Dell, HP and Apple openly admitted to.

he didn't ask for a $60 GPU, but a good NVIDIA card

The point is, $60 is a decent price point for his needs, whereas $80 is pushing it for a lot of non-gamers (seriously, he's using a 8400 -- I doubt he's into all the latest games). Below $60 you get very low end cards that are no better than his existing card, around $60 you can get decent cards, and above that it's mostly gaming-oriented. The 9500GT is most likely fast enough for him, but the similarly priced 4670 is faster (*and* has better drivers). It looks like you're just trying to find a lot of excuses because nvidia doesn't have any good card at that price point (well, that would be most price points right now -- and no, I still couldn't care less if nvidia hasn't released new stuff yet).

Either ways, I'm getting tired of even answering your always overly sarcastic first replies to any of my posts, like this time again (which always tends to degenerate like this):

Or you could get a 9600GT for $80 which is x amount faster. Or a HD4770 which is x faster than that. Or a GTS 250 which is even x amount faster!"

To a post where I was talking about 2 cards at the exact same price (suggested by someone else no less).

Sp please lose the sarcastic tone next time. Either ways, the OP had several suggestions about video cards, so it's up to him to pick one now. This thread is clearly going nowhere now (and not helping him any further) so I'm closing it. If he has any more unanswered questions, then he can open a new one.

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