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PC Health Optimizer v2.5 (Free Edition)


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Came across this utilities program today. This version is supposed to work with 95 through Vista. However, after installing v2.5 and starting the program, a little window pops up saying that a DLL is missing or can't be found. Just curious if anyone is using this program and what version you are using. Maybe a few versions back would be a better version to work with Windows 98SE. I didn't see this program listed in "the last program versions that work with Windows 98SE". It is a series of utilities .... brief description below. Anybody with Pros or Cons on this program?

PC Health Optimizer Free Edition is a unique set of over 10 maintenance tools to improve system performance and security.

This free suite of utilities never expires and corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more. Besides giving your computer optimum performance, Anti-Spyware is included in the suite

to give you the protection you need.


extra ... I just saw this version (2.5) listed at another download site and only XP through Vista is listed as the OS that this version is for. Probably another one of these programs that some sites haven't updated the OS list. Still I would like to know if anyone is using this program with Windows 98SE and what version are you using? There is also a paid version with more tools included but it's the "free" version that I am really interested in.



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In my experience, with those missing DLL errors, you can just Google the DLL file and it'll come up. From there it is as easy as dropping the file into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

Can't say I have ever used that app, but I have doubts about its effectiveness, just because these kinds of apps don't seem to do very much (and what they do do is not always positive).

Plus, they don't seem to be aware of whether it is compatible with the 9x series or not, not a good sign.

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In my experience, with those missing DLL errors, you can just Google the DLL file and it'll come up. From there it is as easy as dropping the file into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

This is never a good idea if it is for Win9x, as the DLL files that come up are for Windows XP. Not to mention they might be old (but still Windows XP) versions.

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"PC Health"??? Isn't that just available in newer Windows (non-Server, non-Win9x)? The "System Restore" feature (1st go-around was WinME)... Correct????


edit -

Err, scratch that - re-read the topic...


edit2 -


claims -

Intel or AMD 133mhz or Better, 32MB RAM

30MB of Hard Drive Space Recommended

Windows 98/98SE/XP/2000/2003/NT/Vista

Free version 2.5 available at website...

What DLL is "missing"?

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Yes submix8c, that's what started me searching on Google earlier today. I was reading an article about "PCHealth" being on XP, so I decided to see if there was anything like it for Windows 98SE. I came across PC Health Optimizer that was listed as working with Windows 98SE. I got the download at this site: tucows


The site you provided doesn't seem to offer the free version, just the one that cost money but has more tools. I was interested in checking the program out ... I really don't need it but this one part of the program had my interest, a System Restore program. I wanted to see if it really worked with Windows 98SE and if so, how it worked. I'm always hunting around for Windows 98SE software, free or not, just to see what's out there .... but I always like to download and try anything free, have come across a lot of nice software through the years.

From the web site that you provided ... looks like Windows 98SE could actually have a System Restore program after all these years ... not real sure about that but it reads that way.

Using Rescue Clinic

Another important aspect of PCHO is the included Rescue Clinic application. This application is like an Emergency Room for your computer. It can backup and restore your system to previous points. You can back up just your registry OR create a complete system restore point. If something happens to your system files in the future you can come back here to restore it to your last backup with ease.

Rescue Clinic includes these functions:

# Registry Backup and Restore

Creates a backup of your entire registry or just the user settings.

# System Backup and Restore

Creates a complete backup of your entire system.

Backing up and restoring your registry

To create a registry backup, click "Registry Backup" on the left side. Then click "Backup". Then choose whether you want to backup the entire registry OR just your current user settings from the registry. Then click OK. The backup will then be performed and will be viewable in the Backup List. To restore a backup, simply select its entry in the Backup list and click Restore.

Backing up and restoring your system

To create a system restore point in Windows 98/XP, click "System Restore" on the left side. Then click "Create Restore Point". Then wait while the system creates the restore point. The new restore point entry will be viewable in the System Restore list. To completely revert your computer back to a previous state, simply select its entry in the System Restore list and click Restore.


As to the DLL installation problem that I am getting for the "Free" 2.5 version. I re-installed the program again and this is the message window that pops up.


Error Found in Procedure Set TransparentForm of Module ClsFunction at Line 55

Error No: 453

Error Description: Can't Find DLL entry point Set Layered Window Attributes in user 32


** I might add that the program actually goes on to open up after hitting OK on the error popup window. I haven't tried anything ... I wanted to fix that annoying popup window first or check out an earlier version that doesn't throw up the error window.

Like I said, I like looking for and trying out any programs for Windows 98SE, but I'm a little curious about that System Restore program for Win 98SE. If anyone is using an earlier free version of this program with Windows 98SE and they didn't have a problem with it when they installed it, I'd like to know what version that is or if anyone knows the solution to that popup error window that I am getting ... let me (everybody) know.

thanks, duffy98

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submix8c ... your link is OK to the Free Version page but the download link on the page doesn't work for me. The link that I posted earlier to tucows will get the same 2.5 version however, for anyone interested.

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