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Are you still gonna buy Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 PC  

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  1. 1. Are you still going to buy Modern Warfare 2?

    • Yes, I don't care about dedicated servers. I'll still play multiplayer and single player.
    • Yes, it will still be an epic single player game.
    • Yes, I just won't play multiplayer in it.
    • No, without dedicated servers, this game blows.
    • No, I'm sticking to COD4.
    • I don't know.
    • What's MW2? What's a PC?
    • What's MW2? (I know PCs better than computerwizkid does)

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Since Infinity Ward hasn't recently announced that they dropped support of dedicated servers in their latest game for PC, Modern Warfare 2, in favor of their new system "IW.NET", will you still buy Modern Warfare 2 for PC?

For me, I'm still getting it. And so is my friend, gNatFreak.

EDIT: I'm getting it however for 360. My friend, gNatFreak, however will not be getting it at all.

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Im part of a PC gaming clan, and all our members have now either cancelled their pre-order or not buying it at all, along with MANY annoyed pc gamers.

Yep I'm not buying it yet. Gonna stick to COD4 and am getting COD5 real soon so that will do me for a bit. If they release a patch to allow dedicated servers and mods down the track then that is when I would get it.

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Those aren't the only reasons why I'm not buying it, theres also going to be no PB which did a great job of getting rid of cheaters although sometimes it does get it wrong.

Yeah that too. I really don't like VAC at all. PB is way better even if it does have services running in the background even when your not in a game. VAC will make the game full of cheaters and give out permanent bans when it finds those cheaters. I have never been kicked or banned by PB for cheating (only for a too high ping!!!) but I heard it is not permanent the first time you get banned.

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