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e-sata hard drive lags during transfer...


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I have an wxt-e830 external hard drive enclosure, which has both USB 2 and e-sata connectors, which I want to use with Windows Backup & Restore Center (Windows 7).

The USB 2 transfer is fine, albeit the slower USB2 transfer rate, but when I try the e-sata cable (on it's own!), data will be copied, but it will freeze the system for up to 30 seconds every minute or so.

The drive inside the enclsure is a seagate sata 300 drive, and the caddy supports this speed.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

By the way, my motherboard has 6 sata connectors, all of which are in use now, and the e-sata is connected via a back-plate with a cable (which came with the drive) directly onto the sata conector on the motherboard.

Thanks for any help


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Did you try to launch the Task Manager before transferring data to this drive?

With some luck you'll see a task eating Cpu as the system freezes and then you'll know more.

I also got similar behaviours with P-Ata when data transmissions were corrupted, especially with CF cards on P-Ata adapters. Then the driver would revert down to Pio which grips all Cpu time and can't be interrupted, at least on my older Wins.

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I think I have an idea about why this was happening.

I had the eSata plug on port 4 or 5 on the motherboard, which were set (due to a 'chipset limitation') to be raid-only. Yes, that's RAID-only.

Now on another connector and it's not happening any more. Not yet anyway!

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