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  1. I ran Vista for a long time, and never had any complaints. I'd swear at the old PC sometimes when UAC kicked in, but just accepted it and never turned it off. Swore I'd never go back to XP, and never did. Then came the Windows 7 beta, and I love it. Swore I'll never go back to Vista, and I won't. Some of the things took a bit of getting used to, but now I just love it, and find myself dragging windows to the top of the screen to maximize, or shaking them to minimize others. Also use the split-window (where each window fills half of the screen) a lot too, especially when moving files around. Really is a worthy update - Just like Vista was to XP. Then only reason Vista got slated was because of the UAC - People totally missed the point of it, and some just turned it off, but like I said, I always left it on, and it just got a bit annoying when installing loads of stuff. Well, there you go. Said my bit. Feel much better now. Get 7!!! P.S - The only thing I don't like about Windows 7 is the name (Which by rights should be Windows 10 or something...) - Google for "Vista driver" and you'll gert relevent results, try "Windows 7 driver" and it'll match "Windows" and give loads of crap to sift through. We need to find a nickname for this and promote LOL.
  2. I think I have an idea about why this was happening. I had the eSata plug on port 4 or 5 on the motherboard, which were set (due to a 'chipset limitation') to be raid-only. Yes, that's RAID-only. Now on another connector and it's not happening any more. Not yet anyway!
  3. I have an wxt-e830 external hard drive enclosure, which has both USB 2 and e-sata connectors, which I want to use with Windows Backup & Restore Center (Windows 7). The USB 2 transfer is fine, albeit the slower USB2 transfer rate, but when I try the e-sata cable (on it's own!), data will be copied, but it will freeze the system for up to 30 seconds every minute or so. The drive inside the enclsure is a seagate sata 300 drive, and the caddy supports this speed. Anyone got any ideas on this? By the way, my motherboard has 6 sata connectors, all of which are in use now, and the e-sata is connected via a back-plate with a cable (which came with the drive) directly onto the sata conector on the motherboard. Thanks for any help Richard
  4. RJARRRPCGP - Don't know about the error logs, and there wasn't a blue screen. Talking of blue screens, I tried VirtualBox with Vista, and after using it for a while, got a bluescrren in Windows 7 (You know, when it kindly shutdown the computer for me...). Maybe my PC just ain't up to this virtualization crap, but check the specs: Atlon x2 x64, 8GB RAM, GeForce 94000 GT 1GB graphics...
  5. It is the new version - The release candidate (Both VPC and Virtual Windows XP). I couldn't even get vpc 2007 to install in Windows 7 (Not in compatability mode either)
  6. Has anyone had a problem with the Virtual PC RC freezing? I was running Vista in Virtual PC (and had for a few days) but then the other day it just froze the whole computer. I thought it might have been because I increased the ram size to the max (Tried 4GB, but vpc wouldn't have it, then just accepted the 3-ish GB maximum). After the freeze, I rebooted (Oh yeah - It froze the PC for about 30 seconds or so, then Windows 7 just rebooted), and put the ram back to 1GB, and tried again, but it still froze. Then I tried running Virtual Windows XP, and it froze again. And again. Can't just be me, right? What have I done to deserve this? Lil' ol' moi...? LOL By the way, I have 8GB of RAM - I got more just so I could give more to the virtual machines. Surely if I max the Vista vm out (at 3-is GB), thaere is plenty left for Windows 7...?
  7. Ok, an update: Yes, it was fine - Activated OK too. The only 'problem' was that I got two of the digits on the product key the wrong way round when I entered it during setup (xt instead of tx or something). Anyway, that must've been a valid key too, because setup accepted it. When I came to activate, I had to enter the key again, and it was then that I noticed the mistake. Chances of keys like that? Slim lol! Anyway, thanks to all for your input.
  8. Ok, Access Denied - Just doing the drives option - Does it preserve the setup? I mean will the data in say Music be put back there correctly? I mean will Windows remember what what where?! lol
  9. Yes, the key worked fine! Thanks, Cluberti :-) One more quick question - There is also one of those restore partitions that I want to get rid of to do a restore of what I install now - Is there a way to back this up AND store the info about it (Type etc)? Is there a tool that I won't have to pay through the teeth for that'll do it?
  10. Beat ya to it then! Might just try it and see...
  11. I am re-installing my brothers' laptop (A compaq presario), and just noticed that all the OEM crap went back on with it, so I want to use my own OEM disk to do a fresh installation. However, I just noticed that the processor is 64-bit - But Windows (Vista Home Premium) is 32-bit - So I have a couple of questions: Any reason that I shouldn't intall the 64-bit Home Premium? - If not, why the hell install the 32-bit version anyway...?! Will the product key work with the 64-bit version of Home Premium? Ta in advance!
  12. Access Denied - That's what I was thinking of doing, but some of the stuff isn't in the documents / libraries folders. Maybe I should just create more libraries.... What I really don't wanty is to find that stuff wasn't included when these hdds crash (As I said, they are striped, so one goes and all the data goes with it). Oh well...Live and learn. By the way, I know I could just back it all up to DVDs - But c'mon - 300GB...?! Ta for you comments anyway, all.
  13. Thanks for your reply :-) It's being a pain in the arse, this backup stuff! I gave it another hour or so lat night, then cancelled it at 44%. Yet the first page in the Backup & Restore Center reckons the backup size will be 203GB. It does compress it all, I suppose. What options would you check to be pretty sure you've got everything, without the (possible) dupes in moved folders etc?
  14. I've read quite a few and found it quite amusing how mac users jump to the defence of thier crappy little 'machines'. And it really p***es me off when they find posts in forums that have nothing to do with Crapintosh and use it as an oppertunity to big themselves up. What do you guys think...? Oh, by the way, this isn't against the forum rules is it?! s***! I'd better go read the rules... OOPS! Just read them there rules...Does this flaming extend to flaming mac users, or are they exempt? How would one delete a post that's going to get one in trouble? Aren't the Admins wonderful people?
  15. I am trying to make use of this feature of Windows 7 after briefly trying it in Vista, and I have a few questions for anyone who's used it already: 1: Is the restore (files) part reliable? I mean does it restore them to thier correct original locations? I have used the system image restore, and it works great. Didn't have a lot of luck restoring in Vista, though. 2: How long should this thing take?! I am backing up to an external USB drive, which I started at 11:50 this morning, and it is currently 42% done at 21:30. Ok, so I have about 300GB to backup, but this is taking the p***, surely?! 3: Regarding 2 above, I am not sure if I have selected too much in the options for backup... Briefly, I have 3 partitions on 2 sets of striped raid disks as follows: Disk 1 as C:\ (System, 40GB) and D:\ (331GB), and disk 2 as one partition of 150GB, as I said above, about 300GB of data in all. When I selected the backup options, I just selected everything, ie. clicked C:\, D:\ and E:\, as well as the default "Libraries" for all and a system image. Will this make more copies of the data, as I have also moved document folders to D:\, and also have a few of the library folders on the other disks? I like to keep all the crap off of the system drive for some long-forgotten reason. 4: Would shelling out for an eSata external enclosure make much of a difference to the speed? The drive in the caddy I have now is sata anyway. Thanks for reading!
  16. Cheers - Will read 'em now... By the way, would installing it to a VM, tewaking it, and them doing this sysprep thing back to a .wim work...? Where can I get info on doing the sysprep stuff...?
  17. Yes, DJ Elo - Google is my friend! I'll look into this junction thing - I did have a look at this before, but didn't really get into it (I just wanted to see what the link program did while I was nosing around the system!) Thanks for the tip.
  18. For the time being, I want to use the re-arm trick with Windows 7, and do a clean install every 4th month (and probably do a fresh install every now and again when I get the key too). I want to make this as painless as possible and get more stuff set up when doing the vlite stuff, but namely moving some folders, for example: Videos, Music and Pictures from my documents folder to d:\multimedia\<folder>. Also, I want to try to keep the Library folder setup. Anyone got any ideas? Would it be possible to create a batch file to move the folders? They're just links, right? Maybe for the libraries, I could just save the info - But where woud I look to find this? Or could I use my batch file idea to do this too? I don't mind doing a few thigs after installing 7, but this config does take some time to set up initially. Also, I tried the Easy File Transfer thing, but it just messed up the moved folders so I now have 2 copies of everthing in my personal folder. That was just doing the first part (saving info). Any comments / suggestions would be appreciated.
  19. I never got my head around all this hibernation stuff - You mean it won't sleep?
  20. jaclaz: Cool! Cluberti: I am running windows 7 (installed), but just wanted to try things the other way around, ie running 7 and having vista in a VHD rather than like all the folks running Vista with 7 in a vhd. I did succesfully run Window 7 from a vhd for a while though - I liked the idea of not partitioning, and the only thing with it was that the performance rating thing would fail checking the hard drive speeds. Didn't notice anything else with running it that way, really. Anyway, thanks for your advice - Armed with that knowledge, I'll...Um...Stop trying :-) I wouldn't want to go back to Vista after using 7 anyway, and I was only playing now that Microsoft gives us this Virtual Windows XP thing anyway. One more quick question - Anyone found any caveats (other than the performance tool one I mentioned above) about running 7 in a vhd? Your opinions will be appreciated. I can see one 'plus' - Full system backup? Copy the VHD file!
  21. Thanks for your reply, spacesurfer. I'd like some more info on this sysprep idea - Any idea where I can get it? Also, I am running windows 7, so wouldn't this boot manager support it? I did manage to get a Windows 7 vhd to boot, and the guide I was using for the vista boot idea copied the entry in bcdedit and pointed it to the Vista vhd, but when I tried to boot that, the Windows 7 boot manager (unhelpfully) 'repaired' it so that the Vista entry just booted Windows 7 as well. As I don't want to loose the Windows 7 instalation I have now (I spent a few hours tweaking and customising it), is there a way to make my c:\ (Windows 7 system) drive into a vhd, and boot that? Then I'd do a fresh install of vista and hack the boot menu to boot Windows 7, as suggested elsewhare on this board. Thanks again for your help By the way is this emoticon ( ) a Taliban or what....? LOL
  22. Anyone figured out how to boot Vista from a vhd yet...? I've read snippets of info and a guide (here, I think), but have had no luck. I am running Windows 7, and I don't want to install vista (again), then create the Windows 7 VHD, but boot Vista directly from a VHD. I've tried running Vista in VirtualPC on Windows 7, but it runs like a bag of s*** (Only have 4 gig of RAM at the moment, and gave the Vista machine half of it) Any help would be muchly appreciated, and my apolagies if it's already been posted and I've just missed it (highly likely )
  23. I installed vlite 1.2 final on Windows 7, and also waik, but I still get that bloody prompt to install waik every time I launch vlite. I have tried copying the .dll file from the waik installation folder to the vlite folder as suggested elsewhere (both 32 and 64 bit ones in turn), but still get prompted to install waik. Anyone got any ideas?

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