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Strange boot


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After i have installed Xpize, when i boot my system, i see my desktop wallpaper for a second, and after the login screen. How resolve?

Well, the same question was ask just 4 topics before - and it was answered fully by W3bbo.

Its more polite to search a forum before asking a question - otherwise the same question has to be answered over and over again... :)

Here you go:


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Sorry, can't find the link. My problem is, very similar. I am very glad to have found the xpizer. Saves me changing the OS as it looks brandnew. I don't like Wallpapers, so I have removed them all. Also removed the Boot.bmp, because at some stage I built a reasonably cute Kernel with a different display.

No I have everything in black, but the old blue (of the sort of the traditional xp-logon screen) shows up for a brief moment before the posh new black login-welcome shows up. Same, when I do a "fast user switch". Any idea what I do have to hack here? Would the use of a 100% black wallpaper somewhere help?

Else, thanks, great job. I am enjoying it! No problems (the taking over of Win+F12 by the "Task Switcher Pro" confused me initially, as I used it for something else, but I got this out of the way;))

Cheers, G.

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Sorry, can't find the link.

It's not your fault. :)

Stupid board software updated made the links not working:


translates to:




in this case it's second post in the thread, i.e. at offset= 1 then:





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