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Xpize Switch issue.

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Now I've heard that this can be used to install icons without any complications by using the appropriate switches. now I want to ask that do i hve to use the switches while making the standalone installer and then make it ointo an addon or i'll hve to specify the switches in the addon making itself? please help me out.

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I'm afraid I'm not sure what you're talking about.

XPize 4.x let you customise the installation with various command-line switches, yes, but they were for use with unattended installs, you get far more control with the checkboxes in the GUI wizard.

xpize 5 doesn't have any switches for customizing the installation for a variety of reasons.

What do you mean by "making the standalone installer" and "make it onto an add-on"? What are you trying to accomplish?

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srry for my inability to express before. all I wish to know is this:

I read the xpize help guide( I think i went wrong here for I think its for 4.x release) and there it was written I could use the command switches for xpize silent install along with many others so that I only wished that the icons get replaced but nothing else( like wallpapers, themes etc.) . And it seems these switches donot work with the Xpize 5 release. So now after reading your reply, I only want to know wat to do in order to make the silent xpize install which would selectively replace icons and cursors and nothing else???

thank u for ur time and srry for the inconvenience.


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The "XPize Guide" is only for XPize 4.7. It doesn't not apply to xpize 5. I'm tempted to remove it from the website to stop this confusion.

As I said, xpize 5 does not have any command-line switches that enable the user to alter what is installed and what isn't. You'll have to do it manually.

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