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  1. thnx for the advice urie..will try it out for sure.
  2. thnx a lot sir, now I've understood the function of regedit/s and thnx again for rectifying other errors as well.It seems obvious now why it wasn't working.
  3. just wished if any1 could find some possible errors with this script: hope any1 could help me out with this .cmd file as I had encountered sum problems with it....
  4. hey I got the "Run-time error '91' Object variable or With block variable not set" error wat to do?tried everything....
  5. hey synapse I need help inorder to edit the back color of the setup screen...I tried to hex edit it but it didn't hve the same 26d0 value as u had specified before..it was 28a0 I think and when I edited it the whole file got corrupted.
  6. thank you so much beats and raoul. I'm indebted by your help. and E-66 your not a mod and you r nobody to say that.
  7. well it seems u are the only1 who seems to hve payed heed to my problem...other mods/not interested in helpin people out anymore I guess.....thnx anyway Raoul.
  8. gos damnit no one replies, is this a zombie site or s***?
  9. well its in the same order as u specified but it isn't showing up after I renamed the wallpaper files.
  10. I'm having this problem as all the wallpapers that I added are not showing up in the display properties dialogue when I tested my release..they get copied but are not in the default list of wallpaers.hope to get some help.
  11. topic said it all, which file to edit in order to change My Computer's property dialogue box and add things like images.logo etc.??
  12. srry for my inability to express before. all I wish to know is this: I read the xpize help guide( I think i went wrong here for I think its for 4.x release) and there it was written I could use the command switches for xpize silent install along with many others so that I only wished that the icons get replaced but nothing else( like wallpapers, themes etc.) . And it seems these switches donot work with the Xpize 5 release. So now after reading your reply, I only want to know wat to do in order to make the silent xpize install which would selectively replace icons and cursors and nothing else??? thank u for ur time and srry for the inconvenience. AbScLaW
  13. Now I've heard that this can be used to install icons without any complications by using the appropriate switches. now I want to ask that do i hve to use the switches while making the standalone installer and then make it ointo an addon or i'll hve to specify the switches in the addon making itself? please help me out.
  14. k , I added apps ,wallpapers ,themes , removed certain components, added drivers and am in the process of changing some icons..is there anything else left to do important before I test??? and how much RAM is required to run VMWare[ I hve 256]??

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