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License Question

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I just recently started at a second round of college, and this time around have gotten a lot more involved with campus extra stuff, one of those being ASG (Student Government). Suffice to say, budget cuts have hit everybody really hard, and so ASG is looking for ways to raise some funds for various student programs (not the least of which is the Student Newsletter, which at present has no funding whatsoever).

So, I had a thought that is going to be a lot of work but may pay off if I can get a fair number of permissions, so I thought I'd start here since my idea largely depends on WPI.

The idea is basically this: Use WPI to create a custom disk, themed to ASG for my college, load it up with freeware apps (asking appropriate permission from all sources, of course, with nothing disallowed being included), and then let ASG sell copies to students for maybe $10 apiece. It'd be a great deal for students on a budget, who could have freeware alternatives in an easily accessible format, and great for ASG because the cost of duplicating CD's is dirt cheap so the profit margins are very high.

If it's disallowed, no problem, I'll suss out something else, but I appreciate the feedback on the idea anyway :)



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There are literally dozens of free CD Menu creation applications available for your purposes without the need to use WPI.

Also I'd suggest in future that requests of this type are directed to the developer and not the boards.

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