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BOOTICE - freeware tool to edit MBR & PBR

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A new tool (freeware) I became aware of...




Here's an utility to modify or backup/restore your MBR(Master Boot Record) or PBR(Partition Boot Record), it's name is BOOTICE. Wish you like it.

Using BOOTICE, you can easily change your MBR/PBR to another type. For example, install Grub4DOS to your MBR or PBR, install NTLDR or BOOTMGR to your PBR, install SYSLINUX to PBR, install the MS-DOS boot record to your PBR, and so on.

And, BOOTICE allows you to rename the boot name, e.g., you can rename Grub4Dos's boot file name from "grldr" to "ggldr", NTLDR boot record's boot filename, from "NTLDR" to "SMLDR" or sth. you like.

It also has the ability to re-partition and format your flash disk drive. You can even seperate your flash disk to 2 partitions(only 1 is accessible in Windows, the other one is hidden for private data or boot images).



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"Revival" and UPDATE from tomorrow ... ;)

* Bug fixes and improvements

# 2013.10.1 v1.2.0.1

Fixed a bug that causes the popup menu could not function in sector edit screen.

# 2013.10.1 v1.2.0

1. Fixed the "Access denied" bug in sector editing function

( UnderWin7+ the writing may fail because "important sectors" of a file system will be protected by OS);

2. Fixed the "Access denied" bug when restoring partition table from a .dpt file;

3. The EBR of logical partitions (also called "partition gap" in WinHex) were added to the partitions list menu;

4. Added supporting to the "testsigning" parameter in BCD editing function;

5. Added supporting to the "bootmenupolicy", which is used to enable or disable the Metro boot manager (blue screen) of Windows 8+;

6. Fixed a bug that causes the writting failure of PBR. This bug exists in v1.1.4 and v1.1.5;

7. Uses Simsun, PMingLiu, Tahoma as the default font to generate the patterns for non-AscII characters in Grub4Dos menu editor;

8. Fixed a bug that causes the hot-key name of Grub4Dos MBR 0.4.6a not saved correctly;

9. Displays the hot-key name in the Grub4Dos MBR screen, not the scan code as before;

10. According to feedbacks, the registry writing was removed from BOOTICE;

DL + CL: http://bbs.ipauly.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2 (32-bit & 64-bit Versions available)

FORUM: http://reboot.pro/topic/8986-bootice-a-boot-sector-manipulation-utility-v078-released/page-9#entry177671

BTW: Screen from an earlier Version - but a Picture paints a ...bla ...



XORBOOT © iPauly @ Chengdu, CHINA

DD: Jun 2013 - 99 KB (.zip) - English/Chinese - Portable - Donation Freeware

OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 (32-bit)

HP: http://bbs.ipauly.com (Chinese)

PP: http://www.softpedia.com/progScreenshots/XORBOOT-Screenshot-239774.html

DL: http://bbs.ipauly.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=66

XORBOOT is a multi-system boot manager with graphics menus, it manages the booting of 16 systems.

Supported boot types: Grub4DOS, NTLDR/BOOTMGR, SYSLINUX, PLoP Boot Manager, MS-DOS/FreeDOS and IMG/ISO.


Edited by e-t-c

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Edited by e-t-c

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A new tool (freeware) I became aware of...

There's an app sticky thread for that. :angel

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