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chkdsk runs everytime window 7 boots


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everytime I boot my windows 7 notebook it now runs the chkdsk, even if I let the chkdsk run through all 5 checks and then says windows starting... I get taken back to the chkdsk and the following:

One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency......

how can I stop this from running everytime i boot my notebook??


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I've had this problem, do you ever encounter errors such as files being corrupt or not being able access folders because of corruption.

When chkdsk runs does it repair indexes for files?

I fixed my problem by reformating all my partitions so that they were formated with 7 instead of who knows what (Paragon Partition Manager 2005 maybe), Im not sure if this actually fixed the problem though.

but I also reformated and when I did the install I made sure I didnt install any vista drivers which is what I had done the previous time.

Its possible that it was just the vista raid controller driver that was causing problems but I never really narrowed it down because the problem didnt come back

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