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Resourcer 0.9


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Anolis.Resourcer - 0.9.0 Beta, released 2009-09-01


  • Resourcer changes
    • Added a menubar for those seeking Reshacker-like UI (you can disable either the menubar or the toolbar, or have both enabled at the same time)
      • Note the menubar does not expose any new functionality that isn't already (directly or indirectly) accessible via the Toolbar (except for Help Contents)
      • You can hide either the menubar or the toolbar, but not both
      • A context menu on the toolbar lets you choose icon size and allows you to hide or show the toolbar or menubar

      [*] Thumbnails for bitmaps now maintain aspect ratio (rather than stretching to fill). Bitmaps smaller than the thumbnail area are now centred, rather than upscaled

      [*] Added a Help file, access it via Help > Help Topics

      [*] If a resource name only has one lang then its tree view node will not be expanded unless explicitly expandedVarious improvements to the Batch Export form

    [*]Library changes

    • Fixed an issue with editing resources in Windows Vista (and later) where files with RC Config entries (listed as "MUI" resource types) could not be modified, even though the operation completed successfully
      • The solution has been implemented as a workaround. A more purer solution exists, but would require implementing our own PE/COFF format reader, which is too much trouble

      [*] Fixed a major issue where icon directories lacking bit-depth information would be applied to a resource source without that information

      • Bit-depths are now obtained from the DIB information if they're missing
      • NOTE: PNG format subimage data is always assumed to be 32bpp

      [*] You can now choose to replace icons by replacing the subimages rather than merging them. Click the "Edit Factory Options..." button on the Replace Resource Form for more details.

Download it.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi W3bbo,

Really appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this.

I have one slight issue with the commandline usage.

I have the file 7z.dll (the main 7zip dll file)

When you open it in the GUI, you see the following


There seems to be no way to choose the "0" as the resource to update, when you use commandline, it just sees it as 0

I've tried the command

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:""0"" -lang:1033 -file:"7z.ico"

but it still see's it as 0 and not "0"

It all works fine in the GUI, without any issues.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a commandline option for doing the 'iconClearOriginal' True function that the GUI can do. Is it possible to add this option please.

edit, I've just read this http://anolis.codeplex.com/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=57400

So it appears you are aware of the "0" issue, the iconClearOriginal function would be awesome :)

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I have a request.

I can't seem to make the version text changeable when using this NOTE I am using it manually not SCRIPTED.

Resourcer is very much a "read-only" tool beyonds the ability to replace an entire resource's data with that loaded from a file, support for actually modifying resources in-place is a forthcoming feature.

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