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creating a backup Image of my System win7 X64


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Win 7 creates bootable media when you make the first backup. ;)
I just restored an image to another disk using 7's backup. no 3rd party required. :)

It's going to take a while for people to get used to this. I've had no problems with backups made in win7 and I dont even bother with acronis anymore now.

Shame it doesn't do incremental though. Otherwise it looks very promising : restore integrated in the installl DVD, very nifty.

I'm using Ghost 14 now. A full every month and incrementals every week. It's not 100% compatible, they say so, but I guess it's because it doesn't recognize the sysboot partition.

A reinstall and restore of the image should put back the pc to it's previous state, I guess.

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