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Laptop Charging Problem


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Hi all :hello:

Recently my laptop battery has not been charging completely and may only get a 5 minute charge max. The charge light on the laptop stays on solid for about 3 mins. and then starts flashing in a pattern that would match a second hand on a watch. I purchased a new battery thinking ok this original battery is about 5 years old and has probably jumped ship. I received the new battery and I am still getting the same result, so I was thinking maybe the charging circuit board inside the laptop. Anyone have knowledge or experience a similar issue? The laptop specs are below TIA.



Presario 2720US

1.2G P3

512 megs mem


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Yes, charging circuit malfunction does happen, some were even solved by Bios upgrades. We can't really be sure if this is your problem here.

If you still had the original battery in a PIII 1.2GHz, it must have been at least 6 years old ? It is normal that it doesn't charge anymore. Most laptop batteries die very quickly after 2 to 5 years.

The big question is.... was there a manufacturing date on the new battery ?

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@ Ponch

Yes laptop batteries typically only last about 5 years. This one seems to have been an exception rather then the norm. I always pulled the battery out when ever it was charged fully and just running on a.c. The only number I see on the battery that might be a manf. date code is this.

9 0907011021


Thanks for that info but this Compaq's BIOS has no battery diagnostics (To early).

Thanks for the input. I've got another battery and charger board being shipped to me so hopefully I will know something soon.


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