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Internet Options Text Missing

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Hey All,

In the attached screenshot, you can see that the text for "Internet Options" is missing. Through both Trial and Error and Deduction, as I create a new Updated CD each Month, I have concluded that either a Setting on the Unattended Page and/or a Microsoft Patch Released in the Month of June or More Recentely is/are the cause of the issue. Going back over some of those recent IE updates, there is a new Security Update for both IE7 and IE8 that has been released (Along with Numerous XP Updates that could also be at fault). I have tested it with IE7 slipstreamed and the error occurs and even when I install IE8 within Windows, the error remains. The problem is also purely Aesthetic as far as I can tell as the Hyperlink for the words still opens up the correct window. I have tried changing themes and backgrounds to no avail. From a limited search through Control Panel and other Windows stuff, it seems that this is the only thing affected.


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