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Creative SB Audigy 2 stops functioning

Phil Payne

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This is my first post here, I am not a PC expert by any means. Hopefully I won't waste anyones time.

I realise this may be a continuation of the thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=120963 but as it is over a year since that 'solution' was provided I felt a new thread was appropriate. Needless to say that solution did not work for me.

History of my problem:

I have just reinstalled Windows XP Professional 2007 (sad story I'll not bore you with) and chose to move to SP3. Thereafter on boot up and after login, the familiar windows login theme starts but stops suddenly half way through. The PC continues to boot and all applications function correctly except for the sound system. No sound whatsoever!

All audio drivers show they are functioning correctly in Device Manager. The only odd things I've noticed are:

1 Differing information is presented depending on how you approach it:-

Going through - Start/Control Panel/Sounds & Audio Devices/Properties I see "SB Audigy 2 Audio (C8C0)"

Going through - My Computer/System Properties/Hardware/Device Manager/Sound, Video and Game Controllers I see "Creative SB Audigy 2 (WDM) PCI Slot 3 (PCI bus 4, device 2, function 0)". I don't know if (C8C0) - (WDM) difference is significant!

2 'Legacy Audio Drivers' Properties has no entry (is blank).

I have attached a "Belarc Advisor Current Profile Home PC.pdf" report so that you can see my PC's 'profile'.

I hope someone can provide a solution or an insight into where to go next to solve my no sound problem.



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Hello b-man

Thanks for your quick response.

I hadn't gone this route before.

On checking I found only "Line In" muted which I 'unmuted' but to no effect.

All other mute controls accessed through Control Panel and System Properties show unmuted and 'high'.

Are there any other places where I could have mute on I wonder?


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On the Creative forum, Daniel-k poster offers very reliable drivers. I use them together with updated software package.( I have a Dell XPS 630i running XP SP3 with an Audigy 2 card that I transferred from my previous Dell 8300 when it died).


(use the rapidshare link, I think the filefront one has gone)

Note: I think that software pack may not include the Creative volume control that appears in the system tray and provides direct links to the other software modules (EAC, mixer, equalizer, etc.. However the previous pack of his does:


(despite the reference to Vista, if you read the link you'll see there is a download for XP). It is an iso image that you need to transfer to CD or mount in a virtual drive if you have a suitable app for that). I used that and then updated with his second pack.

You can of course choose to install only the drivers (uninstall the ones you currently have first)

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