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WPI 7.8.0 Feature requests.

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Can you please make the music player stop playing when the install ends? The music covers the WPI Closes sound.

Also, are you sure you don't need a WPI launcher that runs it as administrator and selects the correct MSHTA 32/64bit version? That could be quite useful.

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Like I said before: if you specify the entire path to mshta it will use the 32/64 bit version accordingly.

start "" /wait "%windir%\system32\mshta.exe" "%wpipath%\WPI\WPI.hta"

Yes, I know, but having to use batch files to launch the correct version is ugly, having a launcher would be much better. Anyway, I made it. It's 2kb without the icon, 8kb with the 6kb WPI icon. I attached the version with the icon to this message.

If you need some changes tell me. This launcher could be also used to pass to WPI informations that it's unable to read, for example rather than having WPI check for explorer with findexplorer, this launcher could tell WPI if explorer is loaded with a reserved command line parameter.

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And how do you suppose that would be done, Kel? ;)

Actually, yes, it could very easily be done. Consider it done.

Just to ask: should it be an option or just do them all? (%root%, %wpipath%, etc.). Or just certain ones?

hdd, cddrv, root, wpipath, oslang, oslocale, would be the whole list.

Delete them when WPI exits?

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{JSCRIPT}=setEnvVar(Variable, Value, GlobalFlag)

would also be very nice.

GlobalFlag = true: set variable in system-env

GlobalFlag = false: set variable only for current process (sub-processes should also can use them).


{JSCRIPT}=setEnvVar("LOGFILE", "%SystemDrive%\install.log", false)

Now install.cmd can use %LOGFILE%.

Because this variable is only used during install-process it should not be set in system-env - but it should be accessible for the next app without to redeclare it.


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Can you please move the .HTA file in one of the folders? With the HTA and launcher in the same folder it could get confusing. Tell me if you can move it and where so I can rebuild the exe with the new path.

Also if WPI is incompatible with some applications like Nero or need some certain windows files I can detect those and warn the user so they won't come complaining here when WPI doesn't load.

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