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[Custom Tool] Windows Addon Installer V2 + NLite Addon Support


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Hi, i have been a reader of MSFN for a while since i work as system admin and studying in the university. (that was...looonngg time ago :blushing: ) but rarely contribute anything - so here it is :rolleyes:

I am also the person that install Windows very frequently (no, i don't ghost!) and the pain introduced with Windows Vista is I cannot slipstream Addon package with window installation anymore. So I made a little tool that helps me install them automatically some time ago.

So, to celebrate Windows 7 RTM and the time that i have to reinstall my windows again - I have made the second version of my little tool...

Allow me to introduce Windows Addon Installer V2!!! (WaiV2)



  • NEW: It can also recognizes NLite Addon Packpages! After i have used it myself - i think i need this feature since i have tons of this little addons If you have no idea about nlite addon, try: http://www.winaddons.com/
  • Simply put a file into Addon Folder and install all of them with one click! (actually you need more than "one") It can recognizes installer made by NSIS, Wise, INNOSetup and will execute them using known Silent switch found in this forum automatically. for .MSI file - msiexec is used with /qb REBOOT=ReallySupress switch
  • You can "share" the silent switch that you know for the installer as well as its name and some description. WaiV2 can download definition from my website automatically
  • WaiV2 is distributed via ClickOnce if you're not sure whether you have .NET to run it - just click the link!
  • You can distribute it by CD along with your setup files!

License: Freeware!


.NET Framework Client Profile

More Info: (in Thai, but full of pictures so you might be able to guess :)) http://tinyurl.com/WindowsAddonInstallerV2

ClickOnce: Install Now

Get it: Download

Password of ZIP file is: (Right click below and copy URL)


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com on mate, sore out all this password rubbish & upload 2 a english site please, would love 2 try this 1 out sounds good!!!

cheers james

i will make sure so translate them to english...when i got more spare time :whistle:

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