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Soundcards that feature Bass/Treble Adjustments


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Ok so I made this thread simply to hear about what soundcards feature bass/treble adjustments, I have an XFI xtemegamer but this thing is a$$ linux wise, love it windows (when windows works 9% of the time) so I need a replacement that doesnt cost so much. I see lots of cheap soundcards but I do not know which has the above mentioned adjsutments (which i need becuse of headphones, and also becuse bass/treble sliders are a marker of a good soundcard) so some ideas or suggestions would be good, thankyou

EDIT: Under $40 please, I gave up on looking becuse no cards I have seen mention whether bass/treble adjustment is avail.

If you need me to post some cards im looking at I can

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The Sound Blaster Live 5.1 SB0100 works on almost any machine with a pci slot and it has bass and treble. Make sure it’s the SB0100 because other models have problems.

They’re usually under $10.00 on Ebay.

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