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vLite on Win7 (vLite-ing Windows 7)


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  • 3 months later...

I reach here cus searching for solution with the same problem.

I use Vlite 1.2, wanting to shrink Win7....

Some indicated it was failure in accessing .net framework. So, I reinstalled it but no help.

Awaiting for wise guy's inputs. Being a non-technical person, wanting some straight forward guides. Please....and thanks!

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My problem solved.

My mistake was skipping a step at rebuilding the ISO: - I did not click "next" button to open a new window where a path/file-name of the to-be-created ISO must be assigned/defined (as the "next" button was not "highlighted", looked like a "dead" button). The omission of this step caused unable to "access/write" thus problem occurred.

Incidentally, I also learned that those installed features, like .net framework and others, can be turned on/off.

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn windows features on or off (this option is located on the left panel)

I did turn on the .net framework 3.5, but I am not sure that had help in dissolving my problem.

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