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Secure Erase Freeware that works with Win 7 RC?


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Just a simple zero fill will do ;)

Active@ Kill Disk does not work, I run it as admin and tried XP compatibility but it gets an access violation error, not sure yet if this is UAC...

Error: Access violation at 0x007748AA (tried to read from 0x0000001C), program terminated.
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Well I don't want to just erase free space, I wanted to erase the whole disk. Nothing really sensitive on it, just doing an RMA for a Samsung drive making clicking sounds (calibration errors I've heard).

I just used the Disk Management snap-in to do a full format, then opened the disk with HxD (freeware) and zeroed out the remaing sectors manually. Thing is I didn't want to use HxD to do the whole disk since it would be a copy/paste nightmare.


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The easy, "poor man's" way?

Create on a NTFS partition a sparse file bigger than the overall disk size, with mksparse or similar tool:



Use dsfi of the DSFOK package to copy the file over the physicaldrive:


Cannot say if dsfo/dsfi do work on 7, though.

Another one to try for 7 compatibility is Roadkil's Disk Wipe:


If you are going, like DBAN would, to a "boot disk" of some kind, my suggestion is to use the "real thing", i.e. Secure Erase:


it is faster than anything else, as it uses the internal ATA/SATA commands (the work is done within the HD).

It is also part of the UBCD, which also includes DBAN:



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