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Resourcer 0.8.7


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Here's a new release of Resourcer for you.

What's new in this release?

  • Significantly faster list view loading. It now takes fractions-of-a-second to load as opposed to a full minute in some cases. This is due to improved ListView / ImageList behaviour
    • But there does remain a temporal bug where the images don't show at all under certain circumstances. If you can produce the issue (you'll get an error message with a Continue and Quit button) let me know so I can solve it.

    [*]Batch Export mode

    • You can now batch-export resources from all files in a directory en-masse. In future this feature will also produce a pretty web-page report as well.

    [*]Settings are now carried over from earlier versions

    [*]Check-for-Updates now works (I've fixed the anol.is domain name, see below)

    [*]Minor tweaks here and there

    [*]Still no change to Dialog box handling though, I'll fix that for version 0.9

    [*]Icon subimages are now exported as PNG by default and not as new *.ico files (containing only 1 subimage) with an incorrect *.bmp extension

Don't expect any further updates until after June 2nd as I'm still in my exam season until then.

Oh, and anol.is is now back online after going through a lot of trouble with the Icelandic DNS people which also involved me logging a priority support request with my colocation provider at 3AM this morning. (I thought my subnet was hijacked by Ukrainians), this means that check-for-updates will now work fine.


UPDATE: Resourcer 0.8.8 is now released which fixes a serious issue relating to a race condition when loading the list view. See the new thread for more details.

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